Operational Model

Data science skills are hard-earned, hard-sought.

In 2018, several surveys found “Data Scientist” to be one of the top 10 most desirable jobs linkedin blog.

Among the most desirable skills are the following:

(1) Cloud and Distributed Computing

(2) Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

(3) Data Presentation

Additionally, despite the advancements in the ML/DL applications, domain knowledge on the subject matter is still the most powerful and desirable requirement, that enables insightful learning algorithms and systems to be developed.

Despite the desirability of such skills, majority of public universities has been too slow to adapt their curricula to train skilled individuals that would meet the increasing demands of research and industry. Furthermore, there is fierce competion to recruit data science talent across all industries. Once such talent is recruited, they are almost always sequestered, and taken out of the available talent pool with almost-often little-to-no opportunity to contribute to general body of scientific knowledge- serving only their employer’s needs.

This leaves academic and not-for-profit researchers, and small businesses at a disadvantage to meet the demanding objectives of their data science related research. Often this leads to subpar planning, resourcing and ultimately-results obtained from public and private investments.

Umbrella Genetics is a semi-non-profit organization, seeking to connect the ag-biotech data science specialists with research teams that require help for their research projects, and for training of the early research scientists, such as graduate students and post-docs.

We belive in open science and open data and are seeking other like minded scientists to join our organization.

Our organizational objectives are

1) Empowering public research with providing rare and expensive data science expertise, at no cost- or an affordable cost depending on your circumstances.

2) Empowering data science experts to contribute to general-body of scientific knowledge, as consultants and contributors.

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